Psy Вackdrop «Emotion» UV blacklight active fluorescent psychedelic tapestry wall hanging trance party mandala art

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All people in our world operate according to a single formula that has a consistent sequence. The first stage – «Idea», the origin of desire, the goal. The second stage is «Action», the direction to the goal. The third stage – «Result», getting what you want. All human life lives and exists by this formula «Trinity». This formula works only in such a sequence and does not work if you remove at least one component. Emotions are the most important thing in this process. They give a hue and set the mood of a lifetime. Negative emotions or positive? Everyone chooses himself. Emotions are like paints, a person is like a brush, and space is like a canvas.

Psychedelic painting (backdrop tapestry) created by the method of «Digital art». The canvas is made in a large extension, which contributes to the qualitative display of all the intricacies of detail. Clarity and color rendering at the photo quality level.

– High-quality sublimation printing (photo quality), glowing under the influence of ultraviolet light (100% UV effect), and in daylight it looks colorful, rich in bright colors.
– Printed on glossy synthetic fabric (material flexible but durable), odorless.
– You can send and iron.
– 4 holes in the corners for easy installation (grommets).
– Different sizes are available (it is also possible to order individual size).
– Shipment within 2-3 days after payment.
– Shipment of individual order within 10-16 days after payment.

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