Nikolai Roerich


Psy Вackdrop «Nikolai Roerich» UV blacklight active fluorescent psychedelic tapestry wall hanging trance party visual art

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Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich – Russian artist, philosopher, writer, traveler, public figure. Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts

During his life he created about 7000 paintings, many of which are in famous galleries of the world, and about 30 volumes of literary works. The author of the idea and the initiator of the Roerich Pact, the founder of the international cultural movements «Peace through Culture» and «Banner of Peace».

– High-quality sublimation printing (photo quality), glows under the influence of ultraviolet light (100% UV effect), and also in daylight looks colorful, rich in bright colors.
– Printed on glossy synthetic fabric (material flexible but firm), odorless.
– It is possible to wash and iron.
– 4 holes in the corners for easy installation (grommets).
– Different sizes are available (it is also possible to order individual size).
– Shipment of the order within 2-7 days after payment.
– Shipment of individual order within 10-16 days after payment.

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